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Info regarding Tyres and specifically 4x4’s


Tyres are the only thing that contacts with the road, track or off-road surface, as well as snow or mud covered roads or terrain on which we as 4x4 owners drive. Grip or traction is provided in differing degrees depending on tyre choice and the terrain driven. It’s amazing how little tread area relative to a vehicles size can provide sufficient traction to keep one moving in the intended direction on dry roads let alone on snow & mud covered roads. Larger 4x4’s such as pick-up trucks, Landrovers etc. can weigh circa 2-tons, be 18ft in length and yet the contact area of each tyre might only measure 6 or 7” square. Four wheel drive vehicles have become increasingly popular and continue to increase sales annually, partly due to improvements in styling, fuel efficiency, safety and above all the need to be able to negotiate flooded or snow covered roads allowing travel whilst two wheel drive car owners can be stranded, more changeable weather patterns has meant motorists without 4-wheel drive are aware there options to travel is limited in floods or snow.


There are hundreds of different tyre choices for 4x4 vehicles in sizes from 15” through to 22” as well as differing tread patterns and depths of tread to suit conditions of given vehicles and the drivers terrain. Choosing a tyre, specifically a 4x4 tyre can be a compromise, for example a user may request excellent off-road capability but uses the car 98% of the time for road driving, this is common with tradesmen and in field use, be it for towing a caravan, horse trailer or the shooting fraternity. In this circumstance there must be an element of trade off and we would generally recommend an all-terrain tyre whose off road capabilities are excellent but who’s road manners are still good. Efficiency for the road element (the majority of usage) is still good and road noise is kept to a minimum or not noticeable at all.


We specialise in 4x4 tyres, we understand them and that in some cases to achieve the fitment of the desired tyre, a change in size may be needed. An example of this would be a 4x4 fitted with say 21” or 22” tyres, this user would have change wheel and tyre size to be able to fit a true all-terrain tyre.

Likewise, a 4x4 on say 265/50/20 tyres may have to change size to 275/45/20 in order to fit the desired off road capable tyres.

Whether you want an original equipment (OE) tyre which generally have limited off road capability, a high performance tyre for road only driving, an all-terrain tyre for on and off road driving, or a mud-terrain tyre for serious off-roading, we can advise and supply you with the correct choice of tyres for your 4x4 vehicle.


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