The All Terrain Tyre Information Page

The "All Terrain" tyre is purposely designed to give vehicles extra grip and stability in most conditions including sandy and dusty tracks,wet grass areas,muddy roads and even deep snow. Generally giving 50/50 on-off road usage, a tyre for all seasons and terrain. The most popular tyre choice for your 4x4.

All Terrain Tyre Patterns

The All terrain tyre comes in many varieties incuding the very popular BFGoodrich T/A KO AT pattern, General Grabber AT,Cooper Discoverer AT3, Cooper Discoverer ATR,Hercules Premier AT,Maxxis AT, Cooper Zeon LTZ and many others.

The Tread pattern and rubber material used for these type of tyres differ from brand to brand but designed to do the same job, that is to give extra grip and traction in dusty or muddy tracks especially in wet conditions and going over loose rock and gravel. Bfgoodrich are the leading manufacturer of quality all terrain and mud tyres but specifically make T/A KO tyres as a genuine OE supply to many Vehicle manufacturers throughout the world, General Grabber and Cooper All terrain come a close second with other manufacturers competing to catch the favourite brands.

The Hercules Premier AT pattern is an alternative tyre for the budget market but with strong grip and high quality manufacturing brings this little beauty to the hands of all 4x4 and suv owners as an affordable choice. Call 01677 428792 for more advice.

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The 4 main All Terrain Tyre Brands

Many All Terrain patterns are used throughout the Tyre manufactures portfolio but lend a hand to other remanufacturers to produce Remould tyres at the fraction of cost to the original brands. These tyres are a cheap alternative to the main suppliers but with less guarantee of performance and quality. Various tyre patterns come in the form of Kingpin and Insa Turbo making All terrain types such as KMS, Advantage AT, Tracker AT, Advantage XPC, Ranger AT, Mountain AT along with other tyre patterns.