BFGoodrich Tyres (TA KM2 Tread Pattern)

The "KM2" Mud Terrain tyre from BFGoodrich, provides excellent grip when handling off road conditions. The KM2 is constructed from extremely robust rubber material to protect the side wall and latest design tread pattern from damage. The aggressive tread pattern was developed for extreme off road use and low noise produced on tarmac surfaces.

BFGoodrich KM2 Mud Tyre

The BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 is the ultimate tyre for off road users. The side wall of this tyre is a cut and chip resistant compound which deflects sharp rocks and stones, with aggressive side wall lugs that give bite and added traction particularly when the tyre is semi-deflated (under low pressure). Very strong and durable sidewall cords and rubber protects from offroad abuse in the most challanging conditions. The most popular off-road mud terrain tyre on the market today.

    Outstanding Grip and Performance

  • Chip and Cut resistant sidewall
  • Designed to resist Sharp rocks and stones
  • Aggressive shoulder blocks
  • Better sidewall protection
  • Lateral transmission forces
  • Very high grip in wet and muddy Conditions
  • Wide square shape grooves
  • Strong side wall cords
  • extended grip in deep muddy conditions
  • Longer lasting casing for added protection
Image 03 Image 03 bfgoodrich mud terrain km2 tyre fitted to the vw volkwagen amarok bfgoodrich km2 mud tyre fitted to the chrysler jeep wrangler

Popular applications for the fitment of the new BFGoodrich Mud KM2 Tyre.